Congratulations to 2013 HRO Today’s Superstars

“Talent hits a target no one else can hit. Genius hits a target no one else can see.” At the dawn of a new year, that is set to see tremendous growth in the world of Human Resource.

HRO Today published by HROA, one of the premium HR magazines, every year takes pride in compiling the list of the Superstars in the HR industry.  Neeyamo takes this opportunity to congratulate the elite thought leaders of this ever-growing, dynamic and grand industry.

This list includes phenomenal HR thought leaders, visionaries, and industry’s expert practitioners. Life is made up of opportunities. The strength of efficient leader is his/her perspective to see the big picture as a whole and then begin to piece them out in the efficient manner possible. Their saga is special because they did not wait for success to happen upon them; instead, they worked to get things rolling and meet success on the way.

HRO industry is a complex synergy of people, process and technology and to be at the top of one’s game in this race, it is very crucial to envision and enforce strategies that are at least ten steps ahead of the intruding issues.

Neeyamo family wishes to congratulate 2013 HRO Today’s Superstars, for we believe that you are all an exceptional cluster leading the HR industry from the nights of the past into the dawn of tomorrow.

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Irene Jones

HRO Evangelist & Thought Leader

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