Break free: Go beyond the traditional learning (Part 6)

Social Learning via Instant Messaging

by Anita Vinod & Teena Thimothy  on 27 May ’15


  • What services does SLIM offer?
  • Impact of services on Business and learner

Gone are the days learning was confined to a classroom or a desktop. Social learning or mobile learning is ideal for providing content to learners at the time of need and in the context best suited for that specific environment.

Communication channels in their many forms are literally everywhere! As learning practices and technology tools change, mobile learning itself will continue to evolve.

Micro learning, as we know it today, may further be broken down in the years to come. Byte sized learning may become “Nibble” sized, for all we know!! But what will remain a constant is the tendency of the learner to want to learn more with lesser and lesser efforts. Today, we talk about bringing “learning to the learners” as a revolution in the leaning domain. Tomorrow that will be the norm. No learner would want to spend hours confined to a classroom or even login to e-learning courses to complete sessions.

The mega revolution in “wearable” devices will provide even more flexibility, choice and accessibility to the learner on when, what and how to learn. SLIM (Social Learning via Instant Messaging) will evolve, and it will be an organic growth keeping abreast with the trending technologies.

The basis of SLIM lies in the following beliefs:

  1. Provide flexible learning opportunities
  2. Cater to diminishing attention spans
  3. Make use of existing technology without any overhead investment
  4. Service the business and learners in a consistent, efficient and effective manner

SLIM as a learning delivery methodology is technology agnostic and can mold itself to suit the technology of choice gives it a huge edge over other packaged services. And the matter of fact is that instant messaging will evolve and one can enable much better learning proliferation via SLIM.

The challenge in implementation of SLIM is not in the complexity of the services, but in the scalability. Neeyamo as a pioneer and focused service provider will be able to provide highly evolved, innovative and exciting modes of learning to the learners of tomorrow.

Interested in adopting SLIM, the new age learning delivery system for your employees. Set up a time our LPO experts can assist you.


Break free: Go beyond the traditional learning (Part 5)

Social Learning via Instant Messaging

by Anita Vinod & Teena Thimothy  on 21 May ’15


  • Data security issues
  • What are the prevailing issues?
  • What can be done about them?
  • What are the recommendations for using this platform for learning?

To tackle the issues of time, quality, content & consistency in learning the solution can be as simple as adopting the innovative learning delivery methodology SLIM. Keeping in line with the micro learning trends, SLIM focuses on delivering effective and impactful byte sized learning to glean maximum benefits from minimum time invested in learning.

The SLIM service portfolio has impact both on the business & the learner alike.

Content modification (in order to host on instant messaging services (in consultation with client)

  • Business Impact: Engage learners trough bite sized content
  • Learner Impact: Better focus & retention

Nomination Management

  • Business Impact: Making sure no one gets missed out
  • Learner Impact: Follow ups and reminders to ensure maximum participation

Group Management

  • Business Impact: Ease of management. Encourage social learning
  • Learner Impact: Easier access to peers/experts for query resolutions. Fun learning through experience sharing

Content Distribution

  • Business Impact: Appropriate “doses” of knowledge delivered to the learners at prescribed frequencies
  • Learner Impact: Flexibility to access small bites of content on the go

Post Learning Administration

  • Business Impact: Streamlined methodology of administering, tracking and collating results of pre and post assessment tests & feedbacks
  • Learner Impact: Understand own grading & devise self-driven approaches to improve in quick time. Easy means to register thoughts, suggestions, queries and concerns about learning

Reporting & Analytics

  • Business Impact: Holistic view of learning basis customized parameters. Can assist in driving strategic learning decisions
  • Learner Impact: Improvement in strategic learning initiatives due to clear visibility of existing/impending issues, thus benefiting the learner

So, what’s next? Stay tuned for our take on where micro-learning is heading, how instant messaging can make a difference and what’s in store for SLIM …