Leverage Neeyamo’s expertise in getting the right SuccessFactors’ upgrades

by Tanya Gupta & Sarayu Raghavan, Aug 25, 2016

As an existing SAP SuccessFactors Customer, you must be aware of the SAP SuccessFactors Quarterly Releases.  You cannot afford to ignore them as it allows you to make most of new trends in HR. Most New Release features are Opt in – meaning customers have to enable them in the system. Some features are pushed to the customer whereas some other major features will need the Implementation or Support Partner to Step in.  But as an HR Practitioner, few major predicaments that you face are –

  • Will this add value to my current HR Processes?
  • Is the update worth the cost and time and is change management going to be complex?
  • Will the upgrade disrupt the existing configurations?

The role of the implementation and support partner is critical here – Functionally and Technically. They should be able to evaluate and determine whether an upgrade to your SuccessFactors system is beneficial.

In this blog post, we would walk you through some recent upgrades that Neeyamo has performed for its customers and the value Continue Reading