Best Practices to Manage SuccessFactors Role Based Permissions

by Purnima Pandey & Sarayu Raghavan, 19 Sep, 2016

Ever imagined a situation wherein one employee could view the salary of another? Or worse still, if they could see the ratings of one another? Sounds alarming right! Data privacy and security are vital areas for HCM customers. As an HR practitioner, how do you ensure the privacy of data in your HCM suite? How to ensure that the right person has the right access to the right data?

All of these challenges support the need of choosing an HCM suite with robust permission settings- a Role Based Permissions (RBP) framework, like the one in SAP SuccessFactors. The RBP framework for SuccessFactors is not much different from the authorization concept in SAP.

What is RBP?

Role Based Permissions (RBP) manage the permissions in the SuccessFactors suite. Continue Reading