Leverage Neeyamo’s expertise in getting the right SuccessFactors’ upgrades

by Tanya Gupta & Sarayu Raghavan, Aug 25, 2016

As an existing SAP SuccessFactors Customer, you must be aware of the SAP SuccessFactors Quarterly Releases.  You cannot afford to ignore them as it allows you to make most of new trends in HR. Most New Release features are Opt in – meaning customers have to enable them in the system. Some features are pushed to the customer whereas some other major features will need the Implementation or Support Partner to Step in.  But as an HR Practitioner, few major predicaments that you face are –

  • Will this add value to my current HR Processes?
  • Is the update worth the cost and time and is change management going to be complex?
  • Will the upgrade disrupt the existing configurations?

The role of the implementation and support partner is critical here – Functionally and Technically. They should be able to evaluate and determine whether an upgrade to your SuccessFactors system is beneficial.

In this blog post, we would walk you through some recent upgrades that Neeyamo has performed for its customers and the value Continue Reading


Deep Dive on SuccessFactors Employee Central Service Center

By Srilatha Thota & Sarayu Raghavan, August 11, 2016

Businesses work hard to create a WOW customer experience — going out of the way to solve business problems at every step of the journey. Why should the employee experience be any different when it comes to their HR issues?

Employees frequently turn to HR practitioners to get their queries or issues resolved (queries regarding payslips/performance reviews/employee-relations or so on).  The traditional way of solving these queries was using sources ranging from papers to emails to information sessions – which weren’t giving the employee any joy.

The HR’s contribution to competitive advantage has yielded various innovative methods to service the employees better like the “Human Resources Helpdesk Services”. However, most HR helpdesk systems which exist are primarily ticketing systems. Their solutions may not be specifically designed to solve the unique needs of an HR practitioner and the employee experience is nothing to write home about.  Also integration of these ticketing tools to the HCM Systems remains a huge challenge.

Eliminating all these concerns and putting the employee experience in the forefront – SAP SuccessFactors provides a synergetic support solution – Employee Central Service Center. A solution that is smart, unique, relevant, timely and effective! Service Center system is integrated seamlessly to the Employee Central module of SAP SuccessFactors suite and has separate views for the employee and the agent.

During the course of this blog, we would walk you through the different features available for the employees and the Agents (HR practitioners) and also how these features contribute to running an effective HR shared services.

Fig 1: Difference between traditional systems and Service Center

Fig 1: Difference between traditional systems and Service Center

Let’s take a quick look into what SuccessFactors’ Service Center offers to an Employee and an Agent

Intuitive Service Ticketing Solution across Channels

Employee Central Service Center provides a wide variety of channels like email, phone, chat, and web.  This makes it simple and convenient for employees to find the information they are looking for, through a consistent employee service experience.

The Email response management captures complete conversation history at a single place and maximizes agent efficiency. The Routing and escalation rules ensure that the case is handled by the right agent

1. The Employee’s View (ASK HR) –

ASK HR is the launching point for your employees to create requests, set priority to service tickets and start interaction with agents. Employees can view history of all prior requests to save time and minimize duplicate requests. The Ask HR link is available on all SuccessFactors HCM Suite pages. They can also have real time conversation with agents.

The Service Center home page has the following main widgets –

  • Open Tickets – These are the tickets (issues) raised by employees which are not yet solved.
  • Need Confirmation – Once the agent solves a ticket, it goes to the employee for a confirmation to close the ticket. The employee confirms closure only if he/she is satisfied with the solution.
  • Create New Ticket – The employee can create a ticket (log an issue) using this widget.
  • Got a question for HR? Search HR resources – There are a set of inbuilt solutions for various processes which provide knowledge to employees on standardized process and policies for self-resolution.
  • Contact details – The employees also have contact details/mailing address to contact in case of an emergency.

    Fig 2: Ask HR home page

    Fig 2: Ask HR home page

Seamless Knowledge Base Integration

The knowledge base content can either be created by your HR practitioners with relevant links to HR self-service pages or existing content such as posted company policies and procedures. Knowledge base content can be categorized and secured based on criteria. HR resources are also defined in the Knowledge base. You can leverage this platform to respond intelligently in real time on a consistent basis. Employees can search for a solution relevant to their queries.

Fig 3: Integrated knowledge base

Fig 3: Integrated knowledge base

2. Agent HR View

Agents can process tickets in the Agents view- On opening a ticket, agent can access the tools required to solve employee queries. Agent also has access to the knowledge base which helps close tickets. They can change the status or priority of a ticket.

How does a ticket get assigned to an agent?

Based on ticket parameters like service category, priority, etc, an admin can set rules so that the right ticket is assigned to the right person or the team. The tickets are assigned to the different cadres of people from the service organization based on the priority set and the category. This is defined as routing rules.

When a ticket is overdue or crosses milestones set for a particular ticket (SLAs), it would be escalated. This ensures that the employee receives efficient HR support.

The widgets for an agent are –

  • Solution Finder – There are a set of inbuilt solutions for various processes which provide knowledge to employees on standardized process and policies for self-resolution. The agent can use this to resolve tickets.
  • Checklists – It is a set of predefined questions relevant to a set of queries for the agents. For e.g. when a visa is initiated for an employee, the agent can send a checklist to the employee which the employee answers and sends back. This allows the agent to identify what degree of support needs to be provided to the employee.
  • Templates – Predefined email responses can be configured for various issues. This saves time for the agent.
  • Similar Tickets – These are previous resolutions provided for a similar problem. The agent can refer to these tickets to solve the employee query.  Also these help in standardizing the responses.

    Fig 4: Agent View homepage

    Fig 4: Agent View homepage

Integration to EC through Mashup

C4C mashup- Real time and contextual integration of Employee Central and helpdesk data saves a lot of time and improves service. The agent can access the employee data securely without the need for a secondary login.

Fig 5: Service Center mashup screen

Fig 5: Service Center mashup screen

Insightful Analytics for the Shared Service Center Manager

  • Track real-time service delivery performance with pre-built dashboards
  • Readily use embedded reports to track response time, handle time, priority and escalation trends
  • Dig deeper into data using Microsoft Excel add-in
  • Gain greater insight through integrated access to analyses done with SAP Business Warehouse

SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Service Center acts as a centralized point of service through which an employee and an HR communicate in a seamless channel. Service Center enables your HR organization to securely track and handle the most sensitive issues while protecting the privacy of employee information and ensuring compliance.

Service Center allows your Contact Center to be smarter using fewer resources to deliver the same or even superior levels of service. If you are a SuccessFactors Employee Central customer and are evaluating HR Helpdesk, kindly reach us at irene.jones@neeyamo.com.


4 reasons why a health check diagnostic study is beneficial for your SAP SuccessFactors instance

by Purnima Pandey & Sarayu Raghavan, 14 July, 2016

The human body shows symptoms that foretell a problem. If ignored or left untreated, these symptoms would magnify more often as separate ailments. The symptoms exhibited are like dots that need to be connected to help understand the larger picture – of what really ails the person!

Often we hear our customers saying “This is not the report that I expected from SuccessFactors” or “Why does it take so many clicks to complete this task?” or “It shows correctly in position management org chart, but does not update on the people org chart”.

After examining the symptoms, the physician from SuccessFactors would tell you that  the reasons for symptoms is that the instance might not have been upgraded to the latest version, or the unavailability of Deeplinks (Shortcuts in SuccessFactors) on the homepage that allows ease of navigation or that you need to take a closer look at the data in Employee Profile.  Did you know that wrongly setup event reasons can be why position org charts are different from people org charts?

After having identified, diagnosed and treated several such patients, Neeyamo has put together its own HealthCheck that would help its customers understand “what really ails them” instead of fretting over the symptoms.

Our Healthcheck study allows you to:

  • Have a different perspective with fresh eyes on your current implementation process
  • Benchmark the health of your SF implementation
  • Understand the reasons for issues raised by users and build fixes
  • Leverage the latest SF release updates to improve your HCM processes

1) Fresh eyes on your current implementation process

So why would you need a fresh pair of eyes to re-look your implementation process? 1) You might have overlooked certain things during a busy implementation schedule. 2) The partner failed to show you a certain feature that could be a huge benefit to your HCM setup. 3) Last but not the least, we bring in a different perspective on issues when you believe you have exhausted all options.

Take a look at this case study for instance. An existing client of ours wanted to configure Objective Key Results (OKRs) within their SAP SuccessFactors Performance Management module which was turned down by their implementation partner on grounds that it was simply not possible. Left with no choice, the client had gone-live with the SAP SuccessFactors Goals module. However, they were least happy with the module as it failed to meet their needs. That’s when we crossed paths with them. During our diagnostic study, we could negate their misconception that OKRs cannot be configured in the Performance module. We later proved our analysis by configuring OKR after which they were able to make optimal use of the SAP SuccessFactors Performance Management module.

A timely Healthcheck will certainly help with revealing solutions or alternatives to address such pain-points. To know more about OKRs please click on this link –


2) Benchmark the health of your SuccessFactors

Benchmarking allows you to track performance of your SuccessFactors Instance with that of other SuccessFactors users or best practices.  As a wise man once said “Change is the only constant”. In this fast paced technologically advanced world, business keeps evolving, so do your employees, and your SuccessFactors System needs to be adaptable to embrace these changes. We benchmark the health of your system by exploring the following –

Figure 1: Benchmarking HR trends and Best Practices

Figure 1: Benchmarking HR trends and Best Practices

3) Understand the reasons for issues

As an HR practitioner, you might often hear your employees grumble about the number of clicks it takes to finish a task or being clueless about an assigned task. There could be multiple reasons for it. But without a complete understanding, you would only end up spending a great deal of time without getting anywhere. Troubleshooting is more of an art. It all boils down to asking the right questions which begin to narrow down the focus.  Our methodical approach provides tangible results with efficient use of resources.

Our Healthcheck comprises of three phases- Prepare, Diagnose and Report. Our primary focus during the initial phases is on understanding the true cause of the issues and problems customers face.

Figure 2: Prepare and Diagnose Phases – Issue Identification

Figure 2: Prepare and Diagnose Phases – Issue Identification

4) Leverage the latest SuccessFactors release updates to improve your HCM processes

SuccessFactors comes up with releases every quarter to keep up with the evolving business needs, local and international compliance needs. Few of the challenges that customers face are –

  • Being unaware of the recent updates.
  • Unaware of the benefits gained by these updates
  • Anxious over disrupting the existing configuration

Doing a timely Healthcheck might eliminate these challenges. It enables the transfer of business from good work methods to a Best Practice Implementation. We identify the key challenges across stakeholders, prioritize and build an action plan to resolve. We believe in helping the customer to optimize their system, help them understand their needs and gaps and how installing these updates would help to bridge the gaps.

Surely you wouldn’t want to run an HR system that is outdated ,at the same time you wouldn’t want to turn on an update that is going to  add very little or no business value. Through our Healthcheck, we help customers maximize the value of SuccessFactors updates from a process and user experience perspective.

Figure 3: New V3 Home Page – Far More informative and Simple

Figure 3: New V3 Home Page – Far More informative and Simple

Figure 4: Old home Page

Figure 4: Old home Page

An effective system should be crafted to fit multiple organizational needs. Through our Healthcheck, we provide a holistic view of your SuccessFactors capability, analyze gaps and provide solutions for making improvements that help you use an HR system that best complements your organization.

To learn more about how we can help keep your SuccessFactors instance healthy, reach us at irene.jones@neeyamo.com.